Your Questions Answered

Why do I need to have my chimney/ flue swept?
Chimney sweeping helps allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gases and reduces the risk of chimney fires. It can also help improve the efficiency of your burner and help prevent damp.

How often do I need to get my chimney swept? 
Your chimney can become blocked with soot and creosote, bird nests, cobwebs and other blockages, which is why chimneys should be swept frequently. How often depends on the chimney type, fuel type, appliance used, duration used and amount of moisture in wood fuel. As a general guide, your chimney should be swept at least once a year and more frequently in many cases. For more information on how often your specific chimney should be swept, contact Martyn.

Will it make a mess?
Having your chimney swept won’t usually make a mess and we take care to cover your floor and furnishings around the fireplace just in case there’s a big blockage that comes down the chimney and is difficult to contain, like a bird’s nest.

How should I prepare for the chimney sweep’s visit?
There’s not much preparation involved but it’s a good idea to ensure there is a clear passage from the door to the fireplace, so the sweepy can easily get through with his brushes. You may also like to remove any ornaments from around the fireplace and clear the grate of any fuel, ash or rubbish.

If you have a query that isn’t covered here, then please feel free to contact Martyn to get your question answered.

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